Friday, March 28, 2008

Yahoo- I'm legal again!

At the beginning of the year I had to renew my license, so I got up early, actually did my hair and makeup, and headed off to the DOL office. I got my ticket, and waited for 30 people ahead of me to go first. I was there almost an hour and a half. But, I was pleased with my driver's license picture. I think I snuck a nice one by them.
But, recently I went to get my driver's license, and couldn't find it. That's ok, I'll look over here... no it's not there either. I looked in all my usual places (I have a bad habit of taking just my license and putting it in my pocket so I don't have to carry my wallet. Derek is constantly getting onto me about it, and well, now I have to admit he's right- dang it!) It was not to be found anywhere. So, today I once again, did the routine of getting ready. I grabbed my passport, SS card, Birth certificate, and my most recent expired license, as well as some things to keep me occupied while I waited.
To my suprise I waited only about 15 minutes, then the lady pulled up my "file" and verified it was me without me needing to pull out my stack of identification info. It was so quick and easy! The bad news is that they were on the ball with the bad photo. This one looks like I have tennis balls hidden in my cheeks. Ah, well. It was good having a nice picture for a short while, anyway.


shaina said...

I always tell the lady that I want to smile in the picture. AFter the shock wears off, they usually allow my request! You might just find your other one now!

kdaygirl said...

I like to carry just my DL and CC so that I dont have to take a wallet everywhere I go. I tend to find myself at the store minus my debit card and the ID to show who I am.... Oh well