Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hello, my name is Shavonne... and I am a napper.

This is something I have recently been thinking about, my napping habits. I love to take naps, and I do nearly every day, some are only about 15 minutes, and some are as long as 4 hours. I have decided to stop fighting this addiction or apologizing for it; too many forces are against me.

For one thing, I work during the night. While most normal people are blissfully sleeping , I am up, fighting against my circadian rythm. I have been doing this for 8 years and I'm still not used to it, though I have learned how to make it work. Making it work means taking naps. There's strike one.

I started thinking about the other members in my family, and all ten of us kids, plus our parents also take naps, though some more regularly than others. I remember not calling between 12-2pm everyday because that is usually when my mom was napping. It's in my genes. Strike two.

Last of all, its a habit that has grown with me. Napping is the most consistent habit I can remember from a young age. I remember my mom making me take a nap when I was little, and apparently I grew to like them. I can remember throughout my life being sacked out on the couch after school, falling asleep after driving from Spokane to Newport, or while reading a book. At college I came back to the dorms if I had a long break or during lunch and would take a power nap, and now I'll be watching TV, then feel myself get sleepy then start to nod off.... Some habits are just so hard to break! Strike three.

So, you see it's something I can't help. Derek has gotten used to me saying, out of the blue, "I think I'm going to take a nap." I'm glad he has accepted me how I am. Because, as you can see, I am a napper.


Queen of Chaos said...


I didn't take naps {as an adult}until I was pregnant with Parker! Serious. I'd poke at Warren if he tried to take one but now I can out- nap him any day. hehe I sleep at least 3 hours for a nap. It's nice. And my babies have been good nappers, too. Yes!

I like the Calvin image. :) It reminds me of Warren. He really likes, or used to anyway, Calvin.

kdaygirl said...

Own it! I just woke up from my Sunday Nap. It was nice!

shaina said...

I wish I got naps! I haven't had one in a long time. It's harder with kiddos getting into desitin and the like. I need to keep my eyes on them!!

Stacy Pincock said...

I'm not a napper. I wish that I was sometimes. This heat makes me feel like I need to have a nap though. I probably shouldn't complain about the heat, it might get cold around here again. Hey, one last thing, thanks for being so AWESOME at camp. You deserve to take a nap!!!!

courtney said...

Like Kim, I just woke from my Sunday nap as well.

I could take one every day if my kids will let me, and most of the time I am lucky enough that I can. I have trained my kids well to all go to sleep at the same time. Even Kenzie still takes them though she is fighting me more and mroe on it. But all I have to do is say she can stay up, put on a boring show to her, and turn the lights out and she always zonks.

Here's to naps!

sharon c... that's me said...

i took a sunday nap too! it was like 3 hours, naps are the best. i remember after highschool i would take a nap, and dad would wake me up when he got home, and even now i'm a true blue napper. it's just a weber thing, but i wouldn't mind if the world adopted siestas- there's something in a good nap