Sunday, June 15, 2008

Leave of absence...

Just wanted to let you all know I'll be at Girl's Camp this next week, so I'll be unable to post, or to comment. Have a happy week!
love Shavonne


shaina said...

have fun!

Queen of Chaos said...

Have a blast!

I've been to girls camp a couple times as a leader. {Once when I was called by the Stake to go as the craft leader and once when I was Young Women's President.}

It's fun but not as fun as when I was a teen. As a leader there's SO much more work and responsibility. Nothing carefree about it!

The Dean Family said...

I just wanted to say that I LOVE the new blog layout! Way cute. Have fun at Girls Camp. Gotta say though, I am not envious! :)

~ Cami

shaina said...'s not girls camp week anymore you slacker!