Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer thunder storms

I love it when we have a thunder storm, and they are even more exciting during the summer. Yesterday I was about to take the trash out (remember we live in an apartment, so it's across the lot) when I noticed it starting to sprinkle. I had just opened the door. I thought, well, I should be able to make it, it's just sprinkling. But I saw a rainbow, and it was pretty bold, and almost complete, so I thought I'd take a picture first. I took a few pictures (they never turn out as vivid as in real life) and then... the heavens opened and hail thundered down so thick and fast! I was so glad I didnt' go out, I would've gotten knocked out probably! It was really loud, especially because of the tin carport covers. The picture of the hail on the ground is such a sad disapointment of how it really was. Anyway, lots of thunder, lightening, and loud hail and rain. It was great!

You can barely see a second rainbow in this picture.


Stacy Pincock said...

Great Pics! I loved the storm last night too! The sky was AWESOME. I took some pictures too. The rainbow was cool. Hopefully it won't rain on us while we are at camp.

Queen of Chaos said...

Rain is one of my favorite things to watch and smell- ever. We usually get rain here in August for Monsoons and then in the winter time. So it doesn't happen too often here and I miss it!

Cool pictures- love the rainbow!!

shaina said...

looks beautiful!! glad you didn't get knocked out.

The Dean Family said...

Oh My Gosh!!!! Hi Shavonne!!! I haven't heard from you in forever!How have you been?!? Your blog is soooo cute!! I saw you off from Stacy Pincock's blog. Small World!! Mike and I are in Moscow. I graduated last December in Sports Science and am a personal trainer and Mike is a computer geek at the U of I. you should check out my blog. Its You look so good in your pics! Talk to you soon!

~ Cami