Sunday, January 25, 2009

Biggest Loser

Well, the elusive postI put up a few days ago about needing help will now be explained. One of my goals before I turned 30 was to try to get into better shape. Now, it is always tricky bringing this up, because people usually say I don't need to. But for me, since I have been married I have been putting on weight, and my clothes don't fit me. I wore the same size from 16-26, but since I got married I have gone up several sizes, and it has been frustrating. It is a change for me, and I want to go back the way I was, plus I've never really been that strong, or had muscle definition.

So I hired a trainer, and I have my last meeting with her tomorrow. For twelve weeks I have been regular about working out and I dont' want to lose what I've gained, and put that money to waste. The reason I got a trainer was that I needed someone to be accountable because on my own I would give up. I have for the last two years been trying to go regularly and it hasn't worked.

So I just want to do something like a weekly post telling how many times I went that week, or something. I usually go about 4x/week. I want you all to get on to me if I start to slack off, because it works for me to be accountable to someone. I want to continued to get stronger, and healthier.

Anyone want to take up the role of guilt-tripping me if I start to slack? It's open for the taking!


kdaygirl said...

I can totally do this move. Its pretty sweet to see.

I absoulutely love yoga, it builds strength really good.

I will keep checking in with you!

shaina said...

Go Go Go!!! Good for you.

Megs82 said...

Well I don't want to NAG you but I will help support you! I know how you feel...kind of. I've never been as thin as you but I know how it feels to want to be healthy the way you know you can be. I've lost 36 pounds and am a size 6 and I totally look for ways to keep motivated!

Queen of Chaos said...

Keep it up! You'll be SOOOOO glad you did and happy you kept it up. Results only happen over time.

I am good an growling if you slack. You'll see.

I'm still working out as well. I had hired a trainer for 8 weeks. I liked it but didn't at the same time. I have lost 7 pounds so far!! {But that's only a little dent in what I need to loose.}

Dean Family said...

Don't worry dude! That's what I do! I nag people! (Or so, I'm told - at times!) I will TOTALLY hold you accountable! I am doing the same thing. I want to get more muscle on me and get stronger! I am a personal trainer, so I will always be checking in on you girlfry! ;) No Turning Back Now! Have fun and good luck!

~ Cami