Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Year of Flowers

For my birthday you may remember that Derek got me flowers, oh excuse me, I mean the lady at the store just "gave" them to him when she heard it was my birthday, so he says. Then a few weeks later, one night I came home early from work, and after being home for half an hour he finally pointed out to me that he had gotten me some new flowers since the others had started to die. I hadn't noticed the 2 foot tall yellow Lily bouquet right on our mantle! He said he wanted to have a continuous bouquet of flowers for me to have, so when one bouquet was about to be thrown out then he would get me some more. Now, I think this sounds fantastic, but didnt' know if he would remember this plan. But, sure enough, last night I had just thrown out the Lily's when he brought me home these tulips. He told me that he had declared this the "Year of Flowers" and that he meant it. I think it is very sweet of him, and of course love seeing a beautiful bouquet of flowers on our mantle. I hope it continues! I'll keep you posted!


Megs82 said...

Oh my gosh that is so sweet! Where can I find one of those???

The Girls' Mom said...

SO CUTE! I bet in the winter those pretty flowers are uplifting!

courtney said...

Props to Derek! That also gives you a post at least once a month on his flower choice...I say the next ones are the bright colored daisies!