Sunday, January 25, 2009


When I was a teenager I used to make beaded necklaces, mostly with seed beads. I've always been interested in making jewelry, but just more recently got back into it because of a gift I got from my sister Shaina. She gave me a beaded bracelet. I liked it so much I wanted to make some more, with different colors, so she told me where she got her supplies and gave me some tips. Since then I have been making them and expanding on those basics, and occasionally giving them as gifts. Many of my co-workers saw my bracelets I had made and were interested in buying them for themselves. I was trying to think of a fancy name, in case I made it big (Castle in the clouds!) and one of the names Derek suggested was Sha-bling. As in,
"What is that fabulous piece you are wearing?"
"Why, it's Sha-Bling, of course!"

Ha, I like that name to play around with, but settled on Beads-G0-Round. My Father-In-Law does Graphic Designs and made me a little label with my "Business name" (Thanks so much!!!) I have sold little of my stuff, mostly to my co-workers, but not enough to start claming a home business or anything. But it's nice to see them happy with stuff I've made them.
Anyway that is a little random background on this post. I wanted to show some recent jewelry I made.

My most recent pieces are with Swarovski crystals. They are very sparkly and pretty, but they are expensive! So I need to find some inexpensive websites to buy them, or some good imitations. Thanks to Shaina, and her fabulous friend that have given me some new woven patterns to work on, that's my fav at this time. the above pattern is from a class in a bead store. The owner was not helpful. I asked her if I could buy the pattern from the class since most of them are when I'm at work, or sleeping. She replied, "I keep the pattern in my head" In a very snooty voice. Well, I added that actually, because it annoyed me how unhelpful she was. But, by looking at her bracelet very closely I figured it out, so there!

I also made more for Chistmas presents, but didn't take pictues. I wish I had, I really liked them. Anyway, hope you enjoy and if you want to buy any Sha-Bling, formally known as: Beads-Go-Round let me know!


Jen and Joel said...

Those are are so crafty.

Sharon said...

i think this should be one of our projects in april, they're so pretty! you're a stinkin' genius shavonne, i'm so glad shaina helped recreate this talent of yours

shaina said...

They are beautiful. We'll definitely have to make some after the other sisters leave.....bwaahhaaahaaa.

Tiffiny said...

Such talent!! They're beautiful!